Presenting . . .

{ Sunday, July 27, 2008 }
A completed shortypants, with not a shred of yarn to spare!

Mr. Greenjeans from knitty.

Sporfarm Merino Wool 2 skeins at 400.0 yards each in the Spiced Pumpkin colorway on size US2 addi turbos

My gauge was off, so I followed the 3X directions to end up with the XS size. Right after dividing for the armholes, I ended up being an inch worth’s of stitches short, which worked well. I didn't have smaller needles for the ribbing at the waist, so I fudged it by decreasing another inch worth's of stitches and stopped when I got too nervous that I would run out of yarn (just above my hips).

I then evenly divided the little bit of yarn that was left (including my gauge swatch) and knit on the sleeves until it was all gone.

It required the most severe of blockings in order to fit, but I love it still! Its difficult to capture in the photos, but the orange has the most subtle color variations--from almost yellow to almost brown in color that gives it some interest. Lovely!