Peanut is . . .

{ Monday, June 11, 2012 }
a Boy!!!!

And, of course, more importantly he is growing and developing just as he should be.  He is measuring a week and a half ahead, but we aren't concerned (his sister took about six months to drop down onto the growth chart--apparently, I grow them big).

Its so hard not to compare things to my last pregnancy and so I keep counting months and remembering that at this stage last time, the boy and I were getting married, renovating a house, and moving.  Don't get me wrong, I have many projects planned for this summer, but I am moving so much more slowly this time around!  Of course, part of it is that nothing gets done quickly with a toddler around, but I'm also finding myself stopping to rest at a frequency I only remember from the last month of my first pregnancy.

Also?  Its HOT.  We are just a couple weeks away from the bean's birthday, which means I was walking around in a tent dress with the air conditioning on full blast, taking naps on the couch, and complaining loudly this time three years ago.  Its hard to imagine making it through two and half more months of summer as I keep getting bigger and bigger, but I have little choice in the matter.

I am carrying baby boy very, very low (because everything is stretched out?) which is interesting.  I feel many more kicks and movements now than I did with his sister, but they are all so very low.  His position seems to be contributing to the pain I'm feeling in my back and legs and also making it difficult to bend or reach forward.  All stuff I associate with later in pregnancy, so its odd to be experiencing it now in the middle of the second trimester.

Its also strange to me that there aren't a lot of preparations for us to make this time around.  I keep wanting to make lists of baby essentials, but we already have most everything I could list, since we purchased things for the bean with the idea of reusing them for a sibling.  We won't be taking any childbirth classes or hospital tours this time around, so I just have some fun knitting and sewing projects to tackle along with so much organizing around the house.  And maternity clothes.  I've been sewing a lot of my maternity clothes since finding cute clothes to buy is so difficult.  Stay tuned for pictures of those soon!