{ Sunday, October 21, 2012 }
Baby boy peanut
10lbs 11.5oz 22.5in

Still here

{ Saturday, October 20, 2012 }
(I wrote this 3 days ago but never got around to publishing it. Spoiler alert-the peanut arrived yesterday!! Details to come.)

I'm just over a week overdue and still waiting. We've been stepping up our efforts to get this boy out-evening primrose oil, red raspberry leaf tea, long walks, castor oil packs, and acupressure. Yesterday I had my first membrane sweep-I was 70% effaced and 3 cm dilated which felt encouraging. I went to sleep last night expecting to be in labor by morning but nada. I looked back at my notes from the bean's pregnancy and realized that I was at about the same dilation, although almost a week further along, when I had my first membrane sweep with the bean and went into labor that night. I know it must be soon. The contractions I've been having have become more frequent and more intense over the last few days and I keep thinking it must be any minute now.

This evening I'll have an acupuncture treatment and, if I'm still pregnant by Friday, a second non-stress test along with another membrane sweep.

I'm trying so hard to enjoy these last few moments of being pregnant (ever!), but its so hard when there's all this pressure to get him out before the deadline.

I'm also feeling so guilty about not being able to pick up the bean, or to even bend over to help her get her shoes on or reach something off the floor. I keep promising her that once the baby comes, I'll be able to do these things again, but then I think oh after I heal and then after I recover from all that sleep deprivation of having a newborn and oh yeah, when the baby isn't sleeping in my arms or nursing. I know it will be an adjustment but we'll figure all this stuff out eventually. I'm just already feeling badly that I may break some of these promises.

And I just can't end on that negative note because, oh my goodness are we all excited to have a new little baby in the house. To squeeze that little peanut and kiss baby toes and fingers and watch him sleep and yawn-yay! The bean has already professed her love for this little guy and has so many plans for what she plans to teach him and what they'll play together and how much she can't wait to help change diapers. Also, the upside to being so overdue? We are so ready! We are working through the things on the to do list that I thought we wouldn't have time to finish. So yay for that! (And please come soon, peanut!)

40 weeks

{ Wednesday, October 10, 2012 }
The peanut's due date was two days ago and it seems that, like his sister, he's going to make us wait. I remember with the bean how, over those two weeks between her due date and her birth, we became more and more desperate to get labor started and avoid an induction.  I am really trying this time to be calm and patient and trust that the peanut will come in his own good time, but of course every day feels like an eternity when you're waiting for an overdue baby.

I've been feeling for days (weeks?) that the peanut could come any day.  I've been having lots of "practice" contractions that sometimes become regular and painful and then fade away for a few hours.  Its led to a few false alarms for us!  Part of the anxiety, I'm sure, is the conventional wisdom that second babies come early.  We were half expecting this peanut to arrive before his due date, so we've been on edge for weeks already now.

And, of course, the whole "being patient and letting the peanut come in his own time" thing will likely only last a couple more days before we start all of the natural labor induction techniques that we can think of.  We have been cleared to birth at the birth center, but we are not allowed to birth there after 42 weeks, so there's some urgency here.  Of course, it will all work out one way or the other.  I can't wait to see what day the peanut chooses for his birthday!

Belly belly belly

{ Wednesday, October 03, 2012 }
I know I've been remiss in posting belly pics, so I'm here to overwhelm you with a large number of pictures of me.  I also wanted to share the few maternity clothes that I've made, so I'm combining that here.

About maternity clothes--aren't they horrible?  I walked around for most of my pregnancy with the bean feeling frumpy in clothes that were way too big and unflattering.  I wanted to save money by buying clothes that would last me throughtout my pregnancy but they were all too big in my second trimester and you know what I've decided this time around?  There's nothing that looks flattering during the third trimester.  At least on me.  So this time around I bought just a few more fitted things that did not look like tents on me and sewed myself a couple things to fill in.

I bought the pattern for this top after seeing some really cute maternity versions online.  I decided to make a nursing top as a test in a size larger than I would normally wear.

This got me through the beginning of the second tri, but I'm also hoping the extra room will serve me well while I'm sporting some baby weight this winter.  These pictures are at 18 weeks.

The pattern for this dress is from Handmade Beginnings and is covering a 27 week belly.  I added a ruffle at the bottom because the hem started to feel immodest as the belly grew.  This dress also has a nursing panel, but there's so much fabric gathered at the front that I'm not sure I'll wear it much postpartem without taking it completely apart and reworking the skirt, which probably won't happen if I'm being honest.

I found this shirt on clearance and bought it a size bigger than I would normally wear. I just added a row of elastic under the bust and it was a super comfy top for the second trimester, but it didn't take long before my belly started peeking out of the bottom, as you can see in this shot from 29 weeks.

And here's the maternity version of the nursing top I made.  This top is a whopping three sizes larger than I would normally wear plus I added a few extra inches on the sides and to the front length to accomodate a belly. 

At first I thought it was too big, but I underestimated how big the belly could get, as you can see here at 32 weeks.

And finally, nothing homemade, but this is my favorite maternity top today at 39 weeks.  I really can't imagine getting any bigger--baby boy, please come soon!