{ Monday, August 18, 2008 }
We had a lovely weekend over here in southern Connecticut. The weather threatened to ruin it for us Friday evening, but the rain cleared up and made way for gorgeous weather on Saturday and Sunday. The sweetie and I decided to visit a park we hadn't been to before and took a lovely hike along (and over!) a dry creek bed filled with boulders. At one point, about halfway through our hike, we found ourselves climbing up to the top of one of the largest boulders for a view of the park. As we were looking around, I saw something carefully wedged under a smaller rock, just barely out of sight. It was a plastic container and I first thought someone had forgotten their lunch after stopping for a rest, but as I got closer, I realized that it was a geocache! I've heard of these before and the sweetie and I have even talked about going looking for some, but we'd never found one. Essentially, someone leaves a box with a logbook and, sometimes, little trinkets hidden somewhere and then posts the gps coordinates on a website so that others may try to find it. We just stumbled upon this one, but the thrill of finding it was enough to make us interested in going out to intentionally find some more.

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