Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

{ Sunday, September 27, 2009 }
Its been quite an adjustment getting used to my post-pregnancy body. I expected that it would take some time to get back into my jeans, but I hadn't planned on 'the girls' partaking in the steroids that my butt and hips obviously abused the last several months. The first couple weeks postpartum, in my sleep deprived, hormone crazed state, I would look in the mirror and proclaim that nothing had stayed where I had left it.

Every couple weeks, I've been optimistically pulling out pre-pregnancy clothes to try on and see how they're fitting. The weather has been getting cooler lately, so today I pulled out a warmer shirt that I haven't worn since last fall and the results were, um, unpleasant. I said to the boy, "Why doesn't this shirt fit me? It fit fine before I got pregnant!"

The response? "Yes honey, but you were flat-chested then."


nutella said...

Hahaha, oh so blunt. Good luck getting used to the changes! I'm perhaps fortunate that I was already well endowed prior to pregnancy so an additional few inches up there haven't been completely devestating. The lovely new flabby abs? That's a whole nother story!

Val said...

hmmm.. wonder how that'll impact your bowling style???!!