How to Get a Baby to NOT Sleep

{ Friday, November 13, 2009 }
There have been several moments during the bean's short life where I've wished, for her sake, that we knew a little bit better what we were doing. I've never felt this as strongly as I do today.

Several weeks ago, shortly after transitioning her into her crib, the bean started waking up hourly during the night. We tried several things to extend her sleep, including angling her crib mattress in case she was having reflux that was waking her (propping up the head of the mattress is supposed to minimize reflux and also reduce the occurence of ear infections). Shortly after that, the bean began waking the moment we put her down in her crib--she would not sleep there for any length of time. At first it was just her nighttime sleep, but then she began refusing her crib for naps during the day as well. We began cosleeping fulltime at night and either cosleeping or holding her for naps during the day, because it was the only way any of us could get any rest.

There are definite advantages to cosleeping and we really love doing it, but the biggest disadvantage is that you must be in the bed when the baby is. At least, that's what it means for us, since we're too nervous to leave the bean alone for fear she'll wake up and roll her way onto the wood floor. This has left me stranded in the bed at 9pm on several occasions, waiting for the boy to come relieve me so I could brush my teeth and get ready for bed. The situation was getting frustrating for me because I could put the bean down on our bed without waking her, but the moment she was in her crib she was wide awake. I'm embarrassed to admit that this went on for weeks before it occured to me that the angled mattress may be causing the problem. We flattened out the mattress and guess who's sleeping in her crib for the longest nap she's had in weeks?

Seriously, we're fairly intelligent people, but there's a steep learning curve to this baby stuff!


CJ said...

Don't you wish they came with directions, tips and suggestions???

nutella said...

Aww, you know just as we are learning how to be parents our babies are learning how to be babies. We've all got the very best intentions, but there are bound to be growing pains all around.

Glad she seems to have acquiesced to the crib, and may there be better sleep all around!

Dani and Dru said...

oh my.....thank goodness my bathroom is in my bedroom. I can eye her in the bed from about 4 feet away. xo

Val said...

Very cute... it's really a miracle that any child grows up at all, when you really think about it!!!

You're doing fine. She'll make it to adulthood just fine DESPITE you 2! :)