First Taste

{ Saturday, January 02, 2010 }
The bean started solid food the day after christmas. I plan to make most of her food myself and we debated for quite some time what to start with. In the end, we decided on sweet potato. I steamed and pureed it, heated it, and we got ready with the video and digital cameras.

She took one bite.

And made this face.

And refused to eat any more.

The next day was the same story, along with the day after that. We've tried pears and peas and have gotten similar lukewarm responses. I'm starting to wonder if we should stop forcing the issue and just wait a bit longer.

Honestly, with the way this girl loves to nurse, I'm not at all surprised that she's not thrilled with the idea of solid food. I have to admit I was sort of hoping for a break, though!


Strawberry said...

Happy 6 months! She's so cute, and her hair has definitely come in! Don't give up with solids- the more you wait, the harder it usually is. Is she interested in feeding herself at all? Miles doesn't prefer eating from a spoon (even though we still do it a lot), but loves to pick up things himself to eat (like pieces of plain roasted turkey or baby cracker things that mush quickly with saliva). Good luck- hope she gets used to solids soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's calvin from FF. We miss you over there! Glad to see Gia is getting more beautiful and fun each and every day. If you're interested, we have a Junebugs groups on Facebook. We'd love for you to check in!

CJ said...

Happy half birthday!! Maybe she's just not ready yet....can you blame her? Nursing is so short, so sweet...who wants to give it least from the baby's standpoint!