10 Months

{ Thursday, May 20, 2010 }
Ten months is all about standing, standing, and more standing, followed by walking while holding onto a hand (or two) and climbing up and down the stairs. We did put a baby gate at the top of our stairs, but we opted to leave the bottom open so the bean could learn to navigate them and its one of her favorite things to do (with a mom spotting, of course).

We've been signing to the bean for several months now, although we haven't been terribly consistent with it. We've been signing milk, all done, more, eat, and cat. It seemed like maybe the bean was signing milk to us, but its sort of a common hand motion for a baby and she seemed to do it at inappropriate times, so we weren't sure. The last couple weeks, its been very clear that she means what she's saying (and maybe she has all along?) and its so cute when she gets right in my face and signs milk as though she's saying, "Will you feed me already, woman?"

At 10 months, the bean is finally starting to eat the way I imagine a toddler should. She's no longer refusing to eat more than a bite or two of solid food and is instead keeping us on our toes by sometimes eating a large meal and other times eating nothing at all.

The bean has mastered waving goodbye and clapping and will raise both arms over her head if you ask her how big she is. She will also give you a hug if you ask her for one (and she's in the mood to do it) and it just melts my heart when she throws her arms around my neck and squeezes. Its truly one of the best things ever.

The bean has also started squealing and will just sort of randomly start doing it when she's playing. The other day we spent quite a while playing this game where the boy held her and I ducked my head around the corner and peaked out at them. Everytime the bean saw me she and I would squeal until I hid again. Silly yes, but endlessly entertaining nonetheless.

Mostly, the bean is getting bigger and bigger and is leaving babyhood behind. We are starting to have conversations that start with, "Do you remember when she used to . . . ?" And you know what? I'm starting to not remember. I wish I could have a do-over of her first few months with a little less sleep deprivation so I could remember more of it. I can't believe how quickly this time has passed and look how big our little bean has gotten!

The sign says 10 months, just trust me on that one. You have no idea how hard its becoming to take these pictures--the bean will hold the sign so it faces every direction but at the camera.


Strawberry said...

LOL...I especially love that last part about the sign ;-) She's so cute and man, do they grow up fast. Sounds like she's doing wonderfully, and keeping you on your toes!

Val said...

it does pass quickly and you do forget unfortunately... but that's what is great about the blog... she can read it later on !