The Pox

{ Friday, July 02, 2010 }
The day before the bean's birthday, she woke up with red spots all over her body. I was trying to think of anything new she was exposed to at the same time that the boy was telling me it didn't look like hives or a heat rash. Then we remembered that the bean had an unexplained fever the night before and it all fell into place . . . the chicken pox!!

Honestly, we were still debating whether or not to vaccinate her at her one year appointment, so we weren't heartbroken at the thought of the bean ending up with natural immunity (no boosters required!), especially since it looks to be a mild case. Its a mystery to us how she ended up with it, though. We don't know of any friends or relatives or other children at daycare who've had it and I know of people who've taken their children to pox parties to no avail, so I'm surprised we ended up with it without even trying.

Like I said, its a mild case and the bean is fighting it off the way she approaches most things--with laughter and smiles.

2 comments: said...

Oh no! Poor thing but she seems to be in good spirits! :)

I didn't get it until my kids did... hope you guys are immune!

Strawberry said...

oh noooo! glad it's mild and hope it stays mild!