Beginning again

{ Sunday, September 23, 2007 }
I've debated for a long time about what to do with this space. I first abandoned it because my life became too hectic for me to keep up with posting. Then, literally everything in my life changed within the span of a few short months and it was all too much for me to get my head around. I wasn't crafting or knitting and the events of my personal life just seemed too surreal to talk about. Now that the figurative dust has settled, I'm a completely different person (or maybe I'm the person I used to be) and it seems like re-introductions are in order, but I honestly wouldn't know where to begin.

So . . . I've chosen to just dive right back in. My hiatus (from crafting and cooking and blogging about it) is over and I have a lot of exciting things to talk about. I am expanding my culinary horizons and plan to spend the winter making Asian foods--starting first with Indian and Thai.

Of course, this weekend, its hard to imagine that winter is nearly upon us. The last few weeks, I've felt the first snowfall lurking around the corner and I'm convinced that the past few days have been the very last of the nice weather days, at least for this year. Unfortunately, a back injury has kept me shut in the house, lying flat on my back for the entire weekend. While this has been perfect for getting caught up on reading and knitting, I had hoped to be outside enjoying the sun! Thankfully, ice and rest have improved my situation and I'm able to at least get out of bed and walk down the hall without being reduced to tears. Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be able to explore the world outside these four walls, at which time I will block and photograph the lovely new socks I just cast off my needles. Until then, its back to sweater knitting (because in a few weeks, winter WILL be upon us) and menu planning and maybe I'll have some pictures to show as well!

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Welcome back!