Anatomy Scan

{ Wednesday, January 21, 2009 }
I am so proud of our little bean! Everything measured right on target at the ultrasound, even down to those 10 tiny fingers. While at the last scan she was pretty much motionless, yesterday she was moving all over. They had a difficult time getting some of the measurements because she would squirm as soon as they had zoomed in on her. She (again) had both her hands in front of her face and wouldn't let the doctor get a good picture of her, but I'm sure she's beautiful!

Everything looks good now, but I have a slightly increased risk of pre-term labor, so I asked the doctor when viability starts. His response? "I'm not discussing viability with you, we're only going to talk about full-term babies!" When I pushed him, he said technically 24 weeks, but he'd feel more comfortable with 28. Just a couple more months before I can check another worry off the list.

Meanwhile, our little bean is "a little bit on the chubby side," according to the doctor. We have big babies in my family. I was hoping that might skip a generation, but apparently the bean is planning on living up to expectations. Let's see if I chicken out of an unmedicated birth when they start telling me she's going to be 10 lbs!


Dani and Tonka said...

ohhh pictures!!! love them and yay for the happy healthy little one! xoxo said...

OMG I wish ultrasounds looked like the first pic when my kids were -- umm -- beans. LOL


Val said...

WOWEE... great pics!

Delivery without drugs???!! you crazy woman, you!!! Take the drugs!!!