Introducing Sheldon Turtle

{ Thursday, January 08, 2009 }
I had planned (well, I'm still planning, actually) to knit a bunch of toys for our bean. We'll, of course, use them just for decorating the nursery at first and then she can play with them after she gets old enough.

I started with Sheldon from knitty, but I got partway through and decided it just had to belong to the boy's little niece, so I hurried up and finished it for christmas. Here he is, all ready to go.

I am so pleased with how he turned out. Its just the cutest little thing. You know the shell comes off? Its just too much cuteness, really. I can't wait to make another one for our jelly bean.


Robbie said...

Sheldon is SO adorable! I wish I could knit. :( Congrats on your baby girl, you must be super excited!

Val said...

That's very cute... Linda LOVES turtles! :)

Butch Boo said...

A woman goes to a fancy dress party.

She is wearing nothing and carrying her girlfriend on her back.

"But what have you come as?" asks someone.

"A turtle" she answers-

she points to the friend on her back "this is Michelle"



Dani and Tonka said...

Love it!