Pardon my rant . . .

{ Tuesday, April 28, 2009 }
but I never noticed just how gendered baby clothes really are. When you walk into any baby store, you know right away which side is boy's clothes and which side is girl's because you're overwhelmed by the blue and pink before you even get through the door.

Now, I'm a fairly "girly girl" myself and trust me, I love me some pink and some dresses, but everyone has their limits. We have some dresses that are super cute that we'll definitely put the bean in, but how many dresses does one baby really need? I mean, dresses just make certain things uncomfortable (like crawling and, later, running) and it annoys me how an infant's dress rides up when you're holding her. And is it too much to ask that pink be just ONE color in her wardrobe?

I may have reached my limit the other day when the sweetie and I were shopping and I held up a very cute garment that I (wrongly) assumed was a top. I was thrilled that it was a non-pink color and feeling very proud of myself until the sweetie asked, "Is that a top?" I looked closer and answered, "No, is another @*$#ing dress!!!"



Val said...

Hah... can so relate! For the most part, onesies are cool and fortunately they come in a variety of colors!
We ended up buying Sophie stuff from the boys side of the store, cuz the girl stuff really wasn't practical for 'living' - like crawling, etc... but even just for staying covered!
You'll see.
Just be warned, that you'll only get to put her in what you want her in for a few years and then at the age of 3, suddenly she'll have opinions and even if it's not practical, dresses will be ALL that she wants to wear! (nah, i'm not voicing anything from experience or anything! Nah, not me!)

Val said...

oh and I love this regular posting business... keep it up! Love reading your rants, lectures, viewing pics... whatever!

Nudge the boy, will ya?!!! said...

and there it is! it starts young doesn't it?

I bought a LOT of yellow and green back in the day... lol

Strawberry said...

I like that we're having a boy because I am pretty repulsed by all the pink and all the dresses, but on the other hand, it's hard for us to find stuff that's not sport or truck/car/airplane-related. Still, if you're sick of all the girly stuff, check out the boy section because there are usually more gender-neutral things there than in the girl section.

Anonymous said...

Before we found out we're having a boy, we were buying some really cute things from the boy section that could have been great for either gender--a pair of jeans, for example that had no hint of pink or flowers (try finding THAT in the girl section!). That said, the boy section is just as gendered with its tools, trucks, racecars, sports references, and the like. It's so frustrating! I will say, though, that one of my favorite shirts as a toddler was a blue and gray shirt with tools all over it. My mom loved putting me in that thing.