False Advertising

{ Thursday, April 02, 2009 }
Even though this blog claims to be all about crafting and cooking, I haven't been making much of anything lately aside from this big belly. Maybe I should change the subtitle to bulleted points on house renovation and Bradley class bitching? Well, at least that should be the title of this post.

  • After all my complaining last week, the Bradley class ended up being not half bad. An acupuncturist visited to demonstrate pressure points that ease contractions and it was nice to meet her just in case we need to call on her services for baby turning or induction help later.

  • I needn't have worried about our hospital's birth policies. Last week, we finally met the third midwife in the practice (who we really liked) and she eased all of our concerns. A midwife will deliver our baby at the hospital and the change in location is pretty much the only difference between that and the birth center. (Except that I can't deliver in the tub, but I wasn't sure that was something we'd want anyway.)

  • I "passed" the gestational diabetes test with a result of 113 (anything less than 140 is passing). That's 113 mg/dL of glucose in the blood, if you're curious.

  • We are STILL working on getting this house into shape, although we're hopeful that we can finish this weekend. Last weekend my coworker came by with a helper to install the toilet that had been sitting in our hallway for weeks and to do some electrical work and other odds and ends. Its so nice to have that stuff done and to see this place starting to look more like a home than a construction area.

  • The midwives have been hinting that I may need a medicated birth or the dreaded c-section unless my cardiologist gives me a note saying its OK to have a natural birth. I feel a little bit like an 8th grader getting a permission slip signed to go on the school field trip and it actually angers me if I think about it too long. Um, he needs to give me permission to give birth? He didn't seem at all concerned when I discussed a potential pregnancy with him last fall, so I'm hoping there won't be an issue when I ask for my permission slip tomorrow.

  • Finally, there was a huge package of cloth diapers waiting for me when I arrived home today. I always knew that I wanted to cloth diaper, but I had no idea how complicated it was. There are so many options and so many different opinions on what works best. I finally placed an order for 36 unbleached, Indian prefold diapers, along with a couple diaper covers and snappis. We'll use those for the first couple weeks when the bean is blowing through diapers like they're going out of style and it'll be hardest to get a good fit. After that, we'll use pocket diapers that I plan to sew in a couple different sizes. I think the boy is still a little unsure about this whole thing, but hopefully it will work for us and we'll both get the hang of it. For now, the prefolds are in wash #1 out of the 5 they'll need before they can be used. After that, we gotta learn how to actually put these things on the kid!


Dani and Tonka said...

I was wondering if you would make your own diapers MRS KRAFTY!!! lol xo

nutella said...

Good luck with the diapering. And for practice, I suggest NOT using a real live chihuahua.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I am well versed in my blog npt being as advertised. Heck, I've just embraced that its about, um, whatever I'm interested in at this point. :)

Sounds like things are getting exciting! Cloth diapers are totally intimidating to me -- isn't that silly?

Val said...

Wow... cloth diapers, huh?

When my younger sister was born, they hadn't created Pampers (disposable) diapers yet and those pins, having to 'rinse' the poopy diapers in the toilet, wash 'em, etc... process was a P A I N. When my younger brother was born, we were SO thankful for those pampers... so easy to put on and then toss. done. But hey, to each their own!

But if you're making 'em... that's GOT to be cost efficient! Though if you want me to pick you up some bulk sized diapers at BJ's - let me know!