Photos and Weeds

{ Tuesday, July 28, 2009 }
The other day I managed to do my hair for the first time since the bean was born, we were both bathed and dressed at the same time, and all the red splotches on my face had healed, so we took the first pictures of the bean and I together.

Also, the bean was at the doctor's the other day and our suspicions were confirmed--our little girl is growing like crazy and is now 11 lbs! As challenging as breastfeeding has been, one problem we don't have to worry about is supply. Our pediatrician looked at me like she was seeing me for the first time and said, "You have a lot of milk!" What's the appropriate response, 'thank you?'

6 comments: said...

Knowing me I woulda say something like, "I have a lotta gas too, but you're not so impressed w/ that!" LOL

You two look beautiful in this pic.

SO happy for you guys. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pic!

Dani and Tonka said...

lol well glad she noticed. lol

Val said...

loved tina's comment! ;)

But now when I look at that baby, all i do is smell a particular odor!!! :-P (just kidding!)

It's a great picture!

Great seeing you guys yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Motherhood suits you, you look beautiful and the bean is adorable!

Anonymous said...

You both look beautiful!