Five Months

{ Tuesday, December 01, 2009 }
At five months, the bean:

  • Is really starting to babble more. 'M' is her favorite consonant and she loves to say, "mmmm." "mom", "ma," and "mama."
  • Is able to sit independently for a couple minutes at a time before she topples over.
  • Is much more interested in what we have in our hands than in any of her toys.
  • Loves to pet the cat, even though she doesn't yet know the difference between petting and hair pulling.
  • STILL loves Itsy, Bitsy Spider. If she's crying and I can't get to her right away, I can sing this song and almost always get a smile. Other songs just won't do.
  • May or may not be teething, but is definitely enjoying gnawing on all her teethers.
  • Enjoys putting her left foot in her mouth.


nutella said...

Mmmm, feet! That's so cute about the song. My mother swears that "darling clementine" was the only thing that would shut me up when I was a baby.

Val said...

Adorable... and I'm just wondering if possibly she'll be ready to sub for the boy come bowling season???!!!

Looking forward to seeing you guys.