I'm THAT mom

{ Wednesday, March 17, 2010 }
I've been sort of straddling the world of the stay-at-home mom and that of the working mom the past few months. I feel very fortunate that I was able to cut my work hours back to part-time so I can spend more time with the bean during the day. In many ways, I have the best of both worlds.

Of course the flip side of that is that I also have the worst of both worlds. And that is this: the bean is at daycare 1/5 of the week and it would only seem fair that she would get 1/5 of the germs, but we seem to have a special deal where the remaining bugs are thrown in for free. Yay! Its heartbreaking to see her spend every weekend with a runny nose and gradually get better just in time to head back to school and get sick again.

On my days off work, we try to stay busy with playdates and activities around town so we don't both go stir crazy, but we have these freeloading germs that come along with us.

So, I'm that mom who's kid always has a runny nose.
I'm that mom who cancels a playdate because her kid is STILL sick (or sick again).
I'm that mom who shows up to storytime with pinkeye. (Me, not the kid. Oh, so much fun!)
I'm that mom who shows up late and frazzled because I was answering work emails all morning.

I'm also that mom who shows up on St. Patrick's day with the only kid who isn't in a cute green outfit. I guess I can't blame that one on work or germs, that one's just because I'm a flake.


Dani and Dru said...

ah, im one of those moms too. I get embarrassed sometimes because my kid is always sick! Im sick too a lot now and she has been in daycare since October, Im hoping this passes soon for the both of us. Hugs and its ok!

Strawberry said...


We're in the same boat over here. sigh.

Val said...

I've lived thru the day care sniffles... it WILL pass. hang in there!