Sweater Fix

{ Sunday, March 14, 2010 }
When I was getting the bean dressed for school the other day, I noticed that a yarn end had worked its way loose on her (brand new, store bought) sweater. My first instinct was to cut it off, but on closer inspection I saw what looked like a bunch of dropped stitches,

And proceeded to FREAK OUT

For half a second

before coming to my senses and remembering that I'm a KNITTER and should know how to fix the stupid thing, so I decided to fake it. I pulled out my tiniest crochet hook and picked the "dropped" stitches back up easily enough, but it took a bit of studying for me to figure out what to do with them.

Scary stuff

I ended up threading the broken yarn onto a yarn needle and sewing the top stitch of each ladder back in, then knotting the broken ends together. I have never succesfully completed a fix like this (I have a pair of handknit socks languishing in the back of a drawer because I couldn't figure out how to fix a hole), so you can imagine it took some time and a few different tries to get this to work.

But work it finally did. Yay me! I conquered the cute as can be sweater with the teeny-tiniest stitches ever. I am so glad that I figured this out, but I hope to never have to do it again (especially at this small a gauge). And oh yeah, this totally cured me from wanting to knit a baby sweater with teeny tiny needles.

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Anonymous said...

That is seriously impressive!