Do you like vacation??!!

{ Wednesday, April 07, 2010 }
A few weeks ago, the bean crawled over to the sliding door and sat there staring out and pounding on the glass.

I got the feeling she was trying to tell me that she had a little cabin fever and who could blame her? Between our many illnesses and the bad weather, it seems we've been cooped up in the house all winter. We decided we needed to get away to someplace WARM.

To say we were nervous about the trip is an understatement. We tried to remember every detail that would make the bean comfortable and avoid any potential meltdowns. Thankfully, our bean was a trooper and did her best to charm everyone around us, earning herself the nickname "the little mayor."

At some point during our first day of travel, the boy turned to the bean and explained that we were going on vacation. "This is vacation, do you like it? Do you like vacation?" We laughed so much at this and remembered to check in often during our week away. "Bean! Do you like vacation?" The more times we said it, the crazier our voices got until the bean was very perplexed at her parents talking in funny voices and then laughing hysterically.

We spent our week swimming, sitting on the beach and relaxing. The bean loved playing in the water and waving at every single person she saw. Vacation with the bean was, obviously, much different than going away pre-baby. We had to be careful to organize our day around the bean's nap and meal schedule and, of course, we enjoyed no late dinners out--we had to be back in our room by 7 each night to put the bean to bed.

But we all had such a great time and loved getting away and having nothing to do but take care of the bean and lounge around.

And we're definitely looking forward to taking our "little mayor" on another trip soon!


Val said...

Great post.... and glad you guys all had a great vacation!

It IS very different traveling with a baby versus just going with your wife! But it's usually a good different and it sounds like the bean is a good traveler, which makes it SO nice for everyone.

She gets cuter and cuter with each picture.

wondering if she'll be at bowling tonight... huh, huh, huh???!!!

Strawberry said...

Glad you had a nice trip! Yeah, it's so different traveling with a little one isn't it? Now when we travel, we try to get a two bedroom suite (unfortunately more expensive), so that when we put him down at 7pm, we can still stay up and do things, albeit in the hotel room. The Bean is quite a cutie bathing beautie!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a very well-deserved, perfect vacation. Good for you!