{ Saturday, April 17, 2010 }
Two days before we left for vacation (almost a month ago now!), the bean's first tooth broke through.

She spent most of December with painful teething and then those little teeth took a vacation for a few months. This first one popped through in mid-March with little notice. We just saw that her gums looked swollen one day and the next day I felt the very tip of it.

Notice all the fingers in that picture. Its not so easy to take a picture of the inside of a squirming baby's mouth. Even with props, it takes lots of hands.

Two weeks later, the second tooth broke through with the same lack of fanfare, but now the top teeth are coming. You may remember it was the top teeth that we thought were giving her the trouble in December. Well, those two upper guys (gals?) are working their way down now and, apparently, they hurt. The poor bean has been grumpy the last few days and there have been lots and lots of tears. Although, I guess if cutting teeth has to hurt, its maybe better to cut four more or less at once to just get it over with.

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Strawberry said...

Happy first teeth! Miles' top ones also took a lot longer to cut through and descend. It's so weird how some are fast and easy and others are slow and painful.