I'm admittedly biased but . . .

{ Saturday, February 14, 2009 }
my heart broke a little to see this cute bean face.

Both bean and mother are healthy, as far as can be told by ultrasound. The little one has been head down at every ultrasound so far, which doesn't bother me one bit. If she wants to stay that way for the next four months, I won't complain. Also, she's making up for not moving a muscle at the first ultrasound and has been wiggling all over the place at the last two. Even though she was moving all around, she kept at least one hand firmly in front of her face at the last appointment, and yesterday she had her mouth nuzzled into the bend of her arm for most of the scan. The doctor just happened to be recording her when she lowered her arm for a split second and we got this, our first look at her.

Knowing that she's head down helps me make sense of some of the kicks I've been feeling. I feel a lot of movement down low, which must be elbows and shoulders, along with the occasional kick up above my belly button, which is her feet. The sweetie and I were wondering if it will be strange for her to be held head up after birth since she's spending all of her time in a headstand now.

With everything that's going on with the work on the new place and planning for the move, we haven't done much in preparation for her arrival, but our crib was ordered this week! It should arrive in 4-6 weeks and we plan to order the dresser sometime in the next couple weeks as well. I can't wait until after we are all settled in the new place and I can start the baby knitting and diaper sewing in earnest.

Of course, the sooner everything is ready for her arrival, the longer I'll have to impatiently wait!


Amy said...

Amazing picture, and beautiful baby! I wish they had these ultrasounds available when I was pregnant with my kids. Congrats!

Val said...

So amazing how clear that pic is. The bean is a cutie!

The crib is great, too!

Yeah, don't get TOO prepared, as that waiting with NOTHING to do will be a b*tch! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Amazingly beautiful picture!

Tina-cious.com said...

Ya know -- I wish I could've had pics like this of my kids.

Le sigh.

So beautiful :)

Strawberry said...

Yay for a great ultrasound - love the little face!

Things are coming along nicely!

JR said...

Finally bean showed us her adorable face! I'm glad she gave us a peek :)