Valentine's Recap

{ Wednesday, February 18, 2009 }
I know I'm terribly late, but I'm very excited to share pictures of our valentine's dinner. Saturday, the sweetie headed off to the new place to work on the painting, while I stayed behind to work on packing and preparing dinner. After a hard day, the sweetie returned for our valentine's celebration (which will also be the last serious cooking I do before the move).

We started out with stuffed mushrooms, followed by a salad of spinach with apples, dried cherries and walnuts.

Dinner was mushroom, lentil, and wild rice timbales (they photographed all icky and brown, but tasted soo yummy!) along with mushroom gravy and sauted swiss chard.

For dessert, I made vegan molten chocolate lava cakes (made un-vegan with the addition of whipped cream). They were very good but, sadly, were not molten, as the gooey filling baked right into the cake so the effect was more like a very moist chocolate chip muffin. I'd love to try again and tweak the recipe a bit, but that will have to be an experiment for my new kitchen (the old one is currently full of boxes!).

4 comments: said...

BEAUTIFUL!! ....and I'm sure tasty! :)

Ricki said...

Sounds like a beautiful meal! Thanks for trying out the molten cakes--but I'm so sorry they didn't work out! I've found that they can be inconsistent that way, too (it seems to depend on the type of flour, exact baking time, humidity in the air, etc), so I'm now recommending that people not make the lava filling but instead use chocolate chips folded into the batter itself and scattered throughout. Glad you liked the flavor, anyway. :)

Val said...

Very nice... and the boy did... what, exactly???!!! ;)

JR said...

Thanks, baby for a delicious meal and a great Valentine's Day. I thought the cakes, though not molten were still really good! I love you so much!