24 Weeks

{ Wednesday, March 11, 2009 }
Over the past month, I've noticed people staring at me wherever I go. At first, I put on my tough girl "what are you looking at" attitude, cuz really, what are they looking at? But then it hit me--I'm obviously pregnant. People like to look at the belly (I like to stare at pregnant bellies myself, so I get it). The thing is, I haven't really felt big. I've been enjoying the honeymoon period that is the blissful second trimester--I've had lots of energy, I've been able to eat, and I've been shocked when I walk by a mirror to see this huge bump. (I've actually laughed a few times after getting a glimpse of myself--I look like I shoved a pillow under my shirt!)

If I'd been convincing myself that the whole labor and delivery aspect of this journey was still a long ways off, I got a wake up call at my 24 week midwife appointment. My favorite midwife walked in and very nonchalantly said, "You know you aren't having this baby at the birth center, right?" Um, no. Actually, I didn't. I don't think I've posted much about this before, but my heart has a history of getting all confused and beating in a crazy rhythm. My heart races, I get light-headed and, I found out the hard way, I can pass out if I try to do anything strenuous like walk across the room. Aside from causing a lot of excitement, its not such a huge deal--not life-threatening and only slightly increases my chances of having something bad like a stroke or heart attack. Still, the doctors that oversee the midwife practice are concerned enough about it that they want me to deliver in the hospital.

I'm terrified of delivering in the hospital because, in my irrational mind, hospital = c-section. Aside from one or both of us coming out of this thing with less than perfect health, I'm most scared of having a c-section. A midwife will still be able to attend our birth, but I'm not sure how else being in the hospital will affect our plans. Many questions will be asked at our next appointment.

Now, without further ado, I present the belly:

The funny thing? This picture is a couple weeks old and I'm WAY bigger than that now. And the last week or two, I've noticed the belly has started getting in the way when I try to do crazy things like, oh, bend over to put my socks on, or get up from sitting on the floor. Now the fun begins!


Jess said...

A history of what???!!!! OMG the suspense is killing me!

You look great.. love the mama glow on ya :)

Dani and Tonka said...

thats how they broke the news to me about not being able to go to the midwives.....I was kind of shocked....but it all worked out =)

Tina-cious.com hates word verification said...

What Jess said.

Looking forward to the new belly pic. :)

KraftyKay said...

Aaaarggghhh!! Blogger ATE half my post!

Val said...

Everything will work out. Hospitals = safe health for all involved. Trust your people.

Strawberry said...

Hospitals have higher rates of C-sections because of the number of women who use drugs and have to endure constant fetal monitoring and lay flat on their backs.

I'm glad your midwife will be with you. If you're foregoing drugs, have the ability to walk around and change laboring and birth positions, your chances for a C-sections are much reduced. Having a good birth plan is very beneficial, too.

Anonymous said...

What Strawberry said. I'm sure with your birth plan and with a midwife, you're going to have something quite close to the birth you wanted with the added benefit of some medical monitoring should you need it.

Also, that belly of yours is looking great!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, belly! GO BELLY!