28 Weeks

{ Wednesday, March 25, 2009 }
Apparently, I'm not very chatty lately. I've slowed down considerably in the last couple weeks, so I'm not accomplishing much after work and I can't remember a weekend when we weren't working on getting our new place together. Interestingly enough, the two rooms we aren't using are the closest to being done--the office/workout room in the basement (which is awaiting installation of a new phone line before we can actually use the computer) and the nursery. Sweetie finished the painting, our crib and dresser arrived (yay!) and we put some super cute decals on the wall. We just have a couple more things to hang and then all the big stuff will be done. I'm so happy with the paint job that sweetie did--it looks amazing, so much nicer than I had envisioned. We both keep peeking in the room, just to look at it.

Last night, we took an infant CPR class. I thought we were getting it as part of the four courses we registered for at our hospital but, apparently, I was wrong. We ended up taking it through our town's continuing ed department. Our new town is so small, who knew they even had one? Leave it to the sweetie--those googling skills astound me! Tonight is Bradley class #10 (of 12). I mentioned before that I wasn't so sure about the class but I was trying to keep an open mind. Now, I can say unequivocally that I hate the class. I think that the Bradley method is great and we've gotten a lot out of some written information we've found, but this particular class just sucks. The instructors are very nice people, but not the best teachers and there's a lot of talk about vague "relaxation techniques" or "coach strategies" without any detail. I really thought that was what we would spend 12 weeks learning, but so far . . . nada. I'm also personally a little annoyed because I was told when I registered us for the class that this husband/wife team taught the class together. In reality, the wife has been present for 2 or 3 classes so far and he has taught the others alone. Call me sexist, but I have a hard time hearing that contractions feel like strong menstrual cramps from someone who hasn't experienced either. Oh yeah, not to mention the fact that he just can't seem to bring himself to add "or partner" when talking about the father. The coach is always "he" and the parents are always referred to as "mom and dad" despite the fact that here we are sitting right in front of him with a fetus who will clearly have two mothers. We go back and forth between wanting to stop going and feeling like we should see them out since we've already paid for them. I think we can stick it out for three more weeks and hope that we end up getting a little something out of them, but I'm really starting to resent spending every Wednesday night at these things.

I also have my 28 week checkup today, where I'll get a rhogam injection and my gestational diabetes test. I'm hoping both go well. We are also planning on interrogating the midwife about the hospital procedures, since that's where it turns out I'll be birthing. I'm most concerned about whether there will be limitations on the birthing positions I can use and what procedures are routine and if we'll be able to decline them (I heard that our hospital gives routine pitocin during delivery of the placenta. I can hardly believe that, but if its true, there must be a way to get out of it?) Any suggestions on things I should check into?


nutella said...

Sorry you aren't enjoying your class. That must be such a downer, to commit to something you hoped would be helpful, only to find it's an insulting time suck.

But very exciting about the house getting ready! You must share more pictures. And your belly shot looks great!

Strawberry said...

Great belly shot!

I wanted to add that you should keep in mind that you can say "I DO NOT CONSENT TO...." whatever it is you do not consent to, and that includes pitocin or anything else. You may have to say it more than once, but they CANNOT do anything that you do not consent to. I think it's awful to do routine pitocin for placental deliveries. I also really hate most hospitals' stance on labor and birth. I hope you are able to make your voice heard.

Anonymous said...

You look great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pregnant belly! Thanks for the updates and the pictures, it's so great to know how you're progressing.

Val said...

How you have not said something when they are continually saying he and father and Dad is incredible! i'd be PISSED.

There's NO way that I'd be able to not say something.

Definitely make sure everything is written down and you tell as many people as possible the day of the birth and/or make the sweetie tell everyone that day too!

Nice belly!

Glad the house is coming along...

Dani and Tonka said...

I hope you can get out of the damn pitocin!

And the sling was fabric that kathy from FF cut for us! thats it and I love it! we have a mei tei that was 50 bucks and I hate it! xoxo