{ Wednesday, March 04, 2009 }
Well, things didn't go exactly as planned with the move (are any of us surprised?). Our moving date was moved up because, as the guy at the moving company so kindly informed me, they were busy because it was what they call in the moving business the end of the month. I wondered what he thought those of us not in "the biz" called that week near the bottom of our calendars, but since he would soon have all my earthly belongings under his control in a big truck, I decided to keep my sarcastic questions to myself.

Unexpected event #2-the floors are in. OK, that was expected, but the unexpected part was the stairs. Let me just say right now that if you ever hire someone to sand, stain, and finish wood stairs you may assume that means the entire staircase, but you would be wrong (And when I say you, I mean I. I was wrong). Apparently, it is common knowledge to everyone (except me) that sand and stain the stairs means only the treads. You're on your own for the risers. You, dear reader, probably know this, but I hope you decide to humor me and act as shocked by this information as I was. The woman at the flooring company was very amused by my confusion. I could not understand what we were supposed to do with the risers. Well, apparently everyone paints them. Had we been in possession of this information a few weeks earlier, the sweetie would have painted the risers right along with the trim on the stairs, which leaves me wondering what the floor installers thought we were planning when sweetie painted every. single. surface. of the house, minus the stupid risers. Saving the best for last? I remain confused.

Moving on, the trim around the sliding doors needed to be replaced when the doors were replaced. Which means . . . yep. More painting. Poor sweetie, we thought it was almost done.

But, we're moved! We still have a ton of boxes everywhere, but we've finally reached the critical mass of unpacking where its starting to look more like a home than a storage facility. Also, I found the box with the camera cable in it and someday I may even get around to setting up the computer. Then I could finally post my 24 week belly picture and it would be even more exciting if that happened before my 30th week of pregnancy. And speaking of that, I'm fairly certain I may need a wheelbarrow to carry this belly around with by 30 weeks, but that's a story for another post.


Val said...

This had me laughing outloud! Hang in there... it's gonna be alright.

And i didn't know about the riser!

JR said...

We're getting there! And don't worry, your in house computer support (aka me) will set up the computer for you asap.