Gettin' Hitched

{ Wednesday, December 24, 2008 }
Invitations have been mailed!
(Please excuse the craptastic scan of our invite--its actually very pretty in person)

Other things which are done for the wedding:
Wedding/reception site is booked
Photographer is booked
Dress and undergarments have been purchased
Cake baker is chosen--just need to do one more tasting and pay the deposit
Hair/makeup appointment is made for the day of the wedding

Things which still need to be done:
Purchase my shoes (must be done before dress fitting the first week of Jan)
Purchase headpiece/hair pins (also must be done before consultation the first week of Jan)
Rent a suit/tux for the sweetie
Hire a florist and decide on table centerpieces (we have a quote from a place that is available on our date, but horrendously expensive--need to look around more after the holidays when florists have time to breath again)
Find an officiant (again, one quote from someone who is horrendously expensive--hoping to find someone more affordable)
Grow the amaryllis bulbs that I would like to use for decoration at the site
Reserve a hotel room for the wedding night

Yikes, it really seems like less stuff left to do when its in my head. The "things which are done" list is frighteningly short!


JR said...

We're getting there... I just called and reserved our hotel room for the wedding night, so move that over to the done list!

Val said...

Very cool! How exciting... and I'm taking notes on what should BE on the list, as we are getting ready to plan our bid day for sometime in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Awww, it's just so exciting!

My only advice is to smile and nod at everyone who gives you their "helpful suggestions" and then go ahead and do it your way. Oh yes, and memorize every moment of that beautiful day. Really BE there.

Btw, your invitations are so lovely. Well done!

weese said...

ooo since you scanned the invite and posted it ...does it mean we are ALL invited!

congrats, kids.

(say...if you need a wedding planner... our Sammy is a whirlwind)

M. said...

wow! and beautiful invitations...