7 Months

{ Wednesday, February 24, 2010 }
With the bean being sick, time has gotten away from me. I'm just getting around to posting the bean's 7 month photo with only a couple days to spare before she turns 8 months old.

At 7 months, the bean has absolutely no interest in crawling, but she is quite the wiggler and climber. And the grabbing! Oh my goodness, this kid wants to hold everything except for the things that we give her to hold. We thought she was grabby at 4 months, but its amazing how much better at it she's gotten. I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing again once she's better able to get around.
The bean now pulls up to standing with very little help and can stay that way for quite a while if she has something to hold on to. She is just starting to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other and will walk with someone holding her hands and will even cruise around furniture (gulp!) if we help steady her midsection as she does it. The bean has also gotten into a sitting position on her own one time, but I don't think she realized that she's the one who put herself in that position because she hasn't done it again since.

The bean has moved on from babbling about mama and baba and is now onto dada. We're glad she's learning how to say new vowels, but for some reason its just not as thrilling to hear as mama is.
Moving on--the bean is still toothless. She teethed like crazy for all of December, but her teeth now seem to be on a break and while we can see them very close to breaking through, they don't seem to be bothering her and haven't made any more downward progress in a month.

The bean continues to work on her pincer grasp and, while she shows no interest in feeding herself the small bits of food we've offered her, she has on more than one ocassion managed to use that first finger and thumb to pick up a little fuzz ball off the floor and pop it into her mouth. Yum!

Speaking of food, the bean is still not too thrilled with the solid stuff. On a good night, she'll agree to take a couple bites before absolutely refusing. At least 3 nights a week, however, she won't open her mouth at all, whether we try to feed her or we try to get her to feed herself. We're still trying to offer new things and hoping she'll take more interest in food once we start giving her stuff with a little more texture to it. Or I might be nursing until she's 5. One of the two.
Most of all, the bean is a very happy, easygoing baby. We knew we were lucky before, but after dealing with Grumpy McGrumperson while she was sick we are so grateful to have our giggly little girl back.


Anonymous said...

Ok, that baby of yours is totally bitable in that picture. I'm not even a baby person! :)

I'm happy that she's getting back to her giggly self.

nutella said...

Mmmm, dust bunnies! Happy 7 (almost 8 months). Love the picture of you cutie!