8 Months

{ Sunday, February 28, 2010 }
My favorite thing about the bean at 8 months old is that she now lifts up her arms and reaches for us when she wants to be picked up. We held her for quite a bit of her day before, but now I find myself carrying her with me even more often because I just can't say no when she's now able to ask to be held. I'll stand up, intending to leave her playing with her toys while I run to the next room to refill my glass, and end up bringing her on my hip because she grabs my pants and lifts her arms to me as soon as I get up. So cute and irresistable! Actually, the bean seems to be experiencing a bit of separation anxiety and isn't keen on being left alone in a room at all even for a few minutes (or alone in her crib, or sitting anywhere that she can't see someone else).

The bean has started communicating a preference for whose arms she'd like to be in. She'll sometimes almost crawl out of my arms to try to get to the boy when they haven't seen each other all day. I love to see how excited the bean gets to see her mommy and its such a joy to watch them playing together. I'm not sure I've ever seen the bean as happy as she is when she gets a good grip on the boy's glasses and is getting ready to pull them off and finally get a chance to really check them out.

The bean has mastered pulling up to standing and is beginning to cruise while just holding one mom's hand for support. I was afraid she might get up to standing and get stuck there, but she hasn't had any problem plopping herself back down to sitting--the problem is that she'll flop onto her stomach from sitting and get stuck there and cry until one of us sits her back up again. She still has no interest in crawling, but she manages to get around through a strange combination of rolling, scooting, and flopping from her hands and knees onto her belly.

We have a play area for the bean that's equipped with a floor mat with interlocking pieces. The bean has always been much more interested in taking it apart and eating the pieces than she is with playing on it, but lately she's also found a way to get herself stuck in the middle of the pieces and trying to get back out is lots of fun too!

Now, how did I end up where the circle is supposed to be?

At 8 months, the bean has also started waving "bye bye" when one of us waves to her. I've said this several times before, but I really think this age is the most fun.

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Strawberry said...

I love that picture! Methinks she might be one of those babies who goes straight to walking. Happy 8 months (and happy birthday to the boy)!