More daycare

{ Monday, February 01, 2010 }
We spent an hour a day at the bean's daycare last week under the guise of getting her acclimated to it, although the reality is that it was probably more for us than for her. From the first day, she seemed completely comfortable playing with all the toys and watching the older kids crawl around. We benefitted more from seeing the daily routine and watching the providers caring for the other babies. I had planned to write detailed directions on how to get the bean to take her bottle and how to get her to sleep, but it was quickly apparent that this would be unnecessary. These women take care of babies for a living and they know what they're doing.

By the end of the week, we both felt completely comfortable leaving the bean and we did just that--we left her there and went out for breakfast. She was fine, although we were both wrecks. It occured to me as we were slipping out that this was the first time ever in her life that she wasn't with either of her moms and that thought brought the tears. I kissed her little head and waved over my shoulder to the care providers because I knew if I looked back it would be all over. The boy was more stoic, but did rush me through my breakfast and, although we had meant to be gone for an hour, we were back in 45 minutes. We peeked in the little window and saw the bean sitting on someone's lap having a grand time. When we walked in, she saw us and reached for us both, which was the best feeling ever.

This week is the real thing--she starts going for two 1/2 days per week on her own. I'm sure she'll love it and I hope to be able to stop crying about it at some point as well!


Dani and Dru said...

aweeeee she is growing up so fast!!! hugs to you all and day care isnt so bad once you get past the germs lol. xoxoxo

Strawberry said...

Ugh, daycare is so much harder on the parents than the kids ;-) It sounds like Bean will adjust well and quickly, and it will get easier for you both too. It took Miles that first week to get into the routine (and us too), and by the second week, it was all good. D&D are right though...the germs suck. But it'll build up the immune system now versus when they go into school later. Good luck, ladies and little Bean.

Strawberry said...

Oh, and if she's only going for 2 half days a week...that'll be a breeze! Super fun playtime for her :)

Val said...

She IS going to love it and you want her to love it!

My biggest fear is that Sophie would come to love those ladies... and shd did, which when all is said and done, means that they are treating her very well.

It's all good... congrats on making the 1st hurdle... it gets a little easier, but the tears are there each and every time! ;)

Love that image of the boy being stoic! :)

Loved being able to see you both at Bowling Sunday... the bean is a cutie pie! :)