Ode to Tylenol

{ Thursday, February 11, 2010 }
Tylenol, you are a miracle drug;
if you were a person, I'd give you a hug.
Our baby awakes shortly after midnight;
Cheeks flushed and warm, what to do for our plight?
I find the thermometer, wishing I could sleep more;
I'm wide awake when I see a temp of 102.4!

Quickly, we look for that red and white label.
There you are (our savior!), on the night table.
One holds her arms; the other, the head;
getting her to drink is the part that I dread.
I swear under my breath as our operation goes south,
why won't this kid just open her mouth?

Finally we say enough is enough,
with her face and our bed covered with the stuff.
Thank you, Tylenol, her fever has passed!
I drift off to sleep wondering why you taste like such ass?
When she sees the bottle, she tries to escape.
Can you blame her? Your flavor should be called dirt, not cherry or grape.


nutella said...

Aww, poor sick Bean! At least the meds help, right?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! I'm cracking up over here - good job.

Val said...

Nice rhyming! :)

Yeah, all kids medicines are not fun at any age... sophie has yet to like any of 'em but you have to make them take it and drink something great right afterward. THAT's the key..

perhaps it's not too soon to introduce wine to the bean... it will get rid of that nasty taste AND let her sleep all night, which of course, will allow you both to also sleep thru the night... wow... now THERE'S some medicine!

I'll just stop writing now... ;-D